PhD Sami Uljas

Current Teaching Responsibilities:

02/2010– :Altägyptisch II

Past Teaching Experience (selection):

02/2011–12/2012:  University of Basel, Switzerland
Klassich-ägyptisch,  Mittelägyptische dokumentarische und literarische Texte

03/2009–08/2010: Trinity College, Cambridge/ University of Cambridge, UK
Coptic texts & culture, Late Egyptian

09/2008–01/2009: University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Middle Egyptian , Egyptian cultural histor,  Old Egyptian

10/2007–05/2008:  University of Cambridge, UK
Courses in Old and Middle Egyptian

09/2004–06/2005:  University of Liverpool, UK
Courses in Old and Middle Egyptian

09/2002–06/2003:  University of Liverpool, UK
Courses in Middle Egyptian and Coptic

Recent Papers Read

14.5.2011:  Liége, New Directions in Egyptian Syntax Workshop
“He almost heard. A case-study of diachronic reanalysis in Coptic syntax“

11.1.2010:  Liverpool, Seminar for Ancient Egyptian Literature and Texts Seminar, 2nd meeting
“Notes on the pragmatics of Coptic ‘autofocal’ second tenses”

20.3.2009:  Basel, Fourth International Congress of Egyptian Grammar (Crossroads IV)
“Radiality in Earlier Egyptian”

2.2.2009:  Chicago University, Oriental Institute
“Archaeology of Language”

3.10.2008:  Leipzig, Congress on language typology and Egyptian-Coptic linguistics
“Describing the Earlier Egyptian verbal system system and research practises”

Other Academic Affiliations:

10/2004–09/201:  Research Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge, UK

02/2010–:  Member of the board of censor, Institut før Tværkulturelle og Regionale Studier, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


2005: PhD in Egyptology (University of Liverpool, UK)

2001: MA in Archaeology (University of Liverpool, UK)

1999: BA in Egyptology (University of Liverpool, UK)

1993: Matriculation exam (Käpylä High School, Helsinki, Finland)




Petersgraben 51
CH-4051 Basel

Büro 110

+41 (0)61 267 12 07